20 November – 4 December

Aljazeera English Hosts a Program About the Conflict of Western Sahara With the Saharawi Activist Senia Bachir.

Al Jazeera English, on November 25, 2015, hosted a program discussing the issue of Western Sahara after four decades of the Moroccan occupation of the territory.

Al Jazeera’s “The stream” Program titled “Decades of dispute in Western Sahara,  hosted its guests online, amongst whom was the Saharawi activist, Ms. Senia Al-Bashir, joining from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.


Political Prisoners (Prisoners strike)

Urgent Action
Posted on November 23, 2014

Embarek Daoudi, 58 years old, a Saharawi political prisoner in Sale prison in Morocco, went on hunger strike on Saturday 1st November to protest against abuse and negligence by prison officials. He is also protesting against the continued delay in setting a date for his trial which has been going on for over a year since his detention began. Mr. Daoudi’s health is rapidly deteriorating. He is now unable to walk or talk, has difficulty opening his eyes and started vomiting blood on Friday 21 November. He has repeatedly complained about his treatment, but the conditions under which he is kept have not improved. He is in an overcrowded cell with over 20 prisoners.


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